The Project Skyway Community Continues to Grow

It has been a little over two months since Cem Erdem outlined his vision for launching the first tech accelerator program here in Minnesota called Project Skyway. Since then the Twin Cities Startup Community has come together with overwhelming support and passion to help make Cem’s vision a reality.

While many of the details are still being hammered out—and we fully admit we are making much of it up as we go along— here is what we can tell you so far:

 - The first class will consist of 10 companies. Unlike many of the other accelerator models out there (Y-Combinator, TechStars, etc.) knowing how to write your own code will not be a requirement.

 - The focus of the first class will likely be on SaaS companies serving the B2B market either in B2B or in B2C with no specific preference or focus.

 - The program will be open to entrepreneurs across the nation.

  - Applications for the first class will begin in April, 2011.

  - The innovation center will open in August, 2011.

 - The first class will last three months. We have decided on this length for now, as we want to err on the side of the first class being too short vs. too long. But we promise it will be an intense three months for all our participants.

 - Many of the companies that go through Project Skyway will not necessarily need a large amount of seed money in order to succeed, but for those that do there will be a demo day at the end of the three months to attract additional investors.

 - Project Skyway needs strong mentors to give the program more credibility. We are building a database of strong mentors, advisors and speakers for the first class and beyond. If you’re interested in being a mentor please sign up for our e-newsletter or email us at

The Project Skyway community connects entrepreneurs to other entrepreneurs, mentors, advisors and resources and is helping to build a strong startup community here in Minnesota. Many of those currently involved (Casey Allen, Chris Carlson, Darren Cox, Rory Groves, Gary Jedynak, Lois Josefson, Erika Lyremark, Marshall O’Brien, Jeff Pesek, Paul Taylor, Sarah Young) have already experienced this.

We welcome your suggestions and would love to have you participate in Project Skyway. If you want to learn more, please fill out the form on the website or send us a note at

About CMurphy

Project Skyway Initiator; PR/Marketing Manager at Augusoft.
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